King cubs

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Mint date: 21th of August



King Cubs is a community focused project who’s primary vision is to create long term value for its holders. Our roadmap remains a closely guarded secret which we will share with our community following the achievement of certain milestones within the project.

The Kings are coming 🦁
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- Social media marketing
- Community building
- Initial mint 3'333 king cubs

- Website development 

- Refer 2 Earn Scheme 

- Public mint

- Secondary marketplace listings

-  King cubs merch store 

- Formation of king cubs dao 

- king cubs token launch

- Phase iV utility launch

- additional collection reveal - whitelist events - token staking platform development​


In order to give back and support issues close to the hearts of the team, King Cubs have agreed to provide regular donations to the charity Born Free.

Each quarter, a % of King Cubs sales will be provided to Born Free to support the fantastic work that they do.

Please check out for more information on what initiatives the charity are working on.

King Cubs will also work with to protect and preserve the environment.
This partnership will mean that for every King Cub sold, 1 tree will be planted. This is important for the team at King Cubs as this will restore forests and create habitat for biodiversity.
Please check out for more information on what the charity provides.

As the project progresses, King Cubs will look for additional ways to support this and other important charities.



Sven – Founder & Dev

Sven is the founder & dev og King Cubs with professional experience in both project management & development. After his bachelor in Blockchain and FinTech, Sven worked for several international companies. His main focus is on improving the web3 experience for Solana users.


Tara – Artist

Tara is an experienced and talented graphic designer & illustrator with a variety of skills and specialises in NFT design & web graphics. Tara has worked on a diverse range of global creative projects.


Leo - Marketing

Having previously held numerous roles within various industries, Leo has skills and experience in digital, product and social media marketing. Leo’s most recent position was as an executive for a global public relations firm, responsible for the management of several key accounts. Leo is excited for engaging and immersing himself within the Solana NFT community.


Josh - Community/Social Media

Josh is experienced in project marketing, community engagement and user experience (UX). With experience of leading community initiatives and the growth and development of corporate brands via social media, As a result of this experience, Josh has developed a large network of contacts within the marketing and web development sectors.

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